Celebrating 15 years of the Henry Reeve Brigade.
 Indian historian and journalist Vijay Prashad talks with panelists about their experiences: 
- José Armando Arronte Villamarín, Specialist in General Integral Medicine, National Coordinator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Jamaica.
- Daymarelis Ortega Rodriguez, Chief of Brigade Henry Reeve in Barbados and former Chief of Cuban Medical Brigade in Antigua and Barbuda.
- Nurse Yandy Pérez Perez, member of the Henry Reeve Brigade in Barbados, previously was part of a Cuban Medical Mission in Viet-Nam 2017- 2019 
-Jany Cabrera, Specialist in General Integral Medicine, member of the Henry Reeve Brigade in Belize 
Also actor and activist Danny Glover, with his long experience of working for peace and justice in Latin America and the Caribbean shares his thoughts about why he supports the Nobel Peace Prize for Cuba’s Henry Reeve Brigade.

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